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The Best Staking Wallets For Your Cryptocurrency

Staking is a great option to passively earn income through your held coins/tokens and can be done with cryptocurrencies that use Proof of Stake (PoS) protocols. In most cases, you are locking up your crypto for days/weeks/months. This means staked coin cannot be traded during this lockup period while it is being staked/unstaked.

If you still prefer liquidity over safety here is the list of exchanges that will bring you maximum rewards:

As you will see below, it comes down to a handful of applications that support multiple coins. If you want the best reward ratio, you will have to move your crypto a little bit more. And if you want to have a piece of mind and only one application on your phone, then the reward will be a little bit lower.

Below, I will go through several cryptocurrencies and the best wallets. Also, please note that all APY given are averages and do change based on market fluctuations:

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